Samm Peña


Samm Peña has been a Director/Producer winning critical acclaim for his many creative efforts in Film, Television and Music.

Samm served as one of the producers of the feature film "A Million to Juan" featuring Paul Rodriguez, Cheech Marin, and Edward James Olmos. Samm also served as the producer of the movie’s soundtrack and was co-composer of the score for the movie and was also the movie’s second unit director.

The music videos Samm has directed include working with Latino Superstars including Tito Puente most famous for being the composer of the Carlos Santana hit recording of "Oye Como Va." Samm also directed videos with "Little Joe y la Familia" of Texas, Amanda Miguel of Argentina, Oscar de Leon of Venezuela and the two music videos for the movie "A Million to Juan."

Samm created produced and directed the groundbreaking TV Series "Bravisimo" which was the first and only television series that had the top Latino Superstars singing in Spanish on American television including the four ABC O and O’s.

His work for NFL Films earned him International Monitor Award nominations as Producer of the Year for his NFL shows, NFL BLAST& SUPER SHOW DEPORTIVO. Samm produced and directed over 100 shows for the NFL.

His career in Music began with creating the largest concert tour show to date in the Latin World with "El Show de Las Super Estrellas, (The Show of the Superstars). Mexican superstar Vicente Fernandez headlined the show. The show also featured Jose Luis Rodriguez, Iris Chacon, and Emanuel and several other artists. This concert tour were the first concerts to have Latino artists play all the major venues in the United States including Madison Square Garden in New York City. The tour was the first tour of Latino artists to be sponsored by a major sponsor, which was the Coors Brewing Company of Golden Colorado. Samm was responsible for the historic sponsorship deal, which paved the way for many others to follow suit in the coming years.

The success of that toured enabled Samm to be the promoter of the "Vicente Fernandez en Concierto" concert tour that drew record crowds and was the largest cross/ merchandized event ever sponsored by the Schlitz brewing company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The sponsorship deal was negotiated and realized by Samm’s efforts and was capped off by the biggest Rodeo between American and Mexican Cowboys that drew 48,000 patrons to the Pomona Fairgrounds outside of Los Angeles, California.

The success of promoting live shows carried over to the creation and promotion of the most successful Latino Comedy Show series which traveled under the name of the "Mojado Brothers Comedy Tour" that showcased its comedians throughout the Southwestern part of the United States and California.